17 Questions with Tomahawk

Bearded Gentlemen Music

Tomahawk Looking SeriousI am going to start off by stating that I love Tomahawk. I have been a big fan of the band since their first album came out in 2001. Since then I have been a devoted follower and once I saw the clip of Mike Patton using some sort of gas mask contraption as a microphone and then re-witnessed it live, I became downright obsessed. Also, how could you not be in love with a band that contains former member’s of Faith No More (Patton), Helmet (John Stainer), and The Jesus Lizard (Duane Denison). That’s like a the greatest


experimental noise rock, metal, post hardcore pants party of all time! In the past few years the band had been lying low and I was beginning to become concerned that they had called it quits. So I was pleasantly surprised when information about the bands fourth album began circulating. I was even more pleased when I discovered that…

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