Japanese Avant-garde Journey in Brussels, Part 3 – Acid Mothers Temple

(courtesy to Keys and Chords magazine)

Acid Mothers Temple – 27 October 2013 Magasin 4 Brussels

In September and October, the musical scene in Brussels brought the Japanese dimension closer to the Belgian public. Magasin 4 dedicated three evenings to the Japanese rock scene of progressive jazz, noise and space rock, during the European Tours of some of the most appreciated masterminds artists of the field. After the September show of Korekyojinn and Ruins Alone, and opening the stage for KK Null and The Noiser on 16 October, it was time for AcidMothersTemple to perform at this venue.

Acid Mothers Temple are by their origins a group of psychedelic music. By performance, they blend in multiple influences in the attempt to build psychedelic trips which would freak-out the nowadays audience. The result of their career and life philosophy is materialized in more than 40 albums in the last past 10 years with many band reincarnations. It would be difficult to find a starting point in listening to them, therefore a concert might be the best solution.

The supporting act was Umungus, a Belgian psychedelic band with a promising and vigorous performance, doing a good job in warming up the audience for the main group.

The Acid Mothers Temple show started unexpectedly with the guitarist founder Kawabata Makoto literally attacking his instrument in an attempt of filling up the air with solid particles coming from the destruction of his guitar. Shocking and loud, setting up the itinerary for the entire concert.

Very long tracks with harsh noise sounds, with unpredictable development and direction, with avant-garde structures and intriguing vibrations. In a 15 minutes song you can experience abrupt incomings, long repetitions, variations played simultaneously, back and forward loops and metallic guitar solos. Beyond common sense and wise conformity.

Unconventionality was also all over the look of the band members, especially for Higashi Hiroshi who seemed a master wizard playing the universe around with his synthesizer.

After the show, the psychedelic monsters transformed themselves into five nice hippie-like guys, which would find the time and kindness to take photos and exchange a word with the fans. The only proof that what was produced on stage was still of terrestrial origins.

Current line-up of Acid Mothers Temple:

Kawabata Makoto – guitar, vocals

Tabata Mitsuru – Guitar, Guitar Synthesiser

Tsuyama Atsushi – bass guitar, vocals

Higashi Hiroshi – synthesizer, guitar, vocals

Shimura Koji – drums


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