The Cosmic Dead @ Café Central Bruxelles – 22 September

concert review by Ioana Nica

On my way to see The Cosmic Dead in Café Central I encountered many obstacles: the sound of a live cover to “Under the Bridge” coming out from a bar. A huge screen in front of the Bourse broadcasting live the Tony Bennett show in Grand Place where Lady Gaga was so unexpectedly expected. And a McDonald’s. But, yeah, somehow I was not tempted.

thecosmicdead1I discovered The Cosmic Dead two years ago by pure chance, most probably looking up on youtube for Jefferson Airplane to find another and totally different White Rabbit, one featuring footage from the original 1903 Alice in Wonderland silent film. Last year in December they opened for Wooden Shjips, with a sold-out concert which I couldn’t attend because the lovely organizers (ToutParTout) decided to cut down the previously granted press passes to make a few extra bucks from tickets. They didn’t even ask us if we want to pay. Considering my enthusiasm for the band at that time, they would have closed a great deal.

So when Café Central announced them for 22 September, I was very happy. Finally, I get to see them. Café Central also showed great consideration when they postponed the concert with one hour, allowing those who went in Ateliers Claus for seeing Cave to join in too. Chapeau.


The Cosmic Dead formed in 2010 and come from Glasgow. For the first time on mainland in 2013, but the list of their live-shows is already incredibly long, from obscure bars to Roadburn fest.

They hit the scene and in five minutes they were soaking wet and we were half deaf. Nobody cared as the space rock had already taken our minds.

Without fancy lights or projections, without extravagant outfits, unconventional instruments or eccentric stage posing, The Cosmic Dead are an incredible live show. Psychedelic jams coming and going in waves with amazing energy level. The heavy sound is dosed and repetitively served in portions seasoned with reverb synthesized voice samples produced live. Everything starts in a seductive slow and weighty floating to expand into a stormy sound wall by adding layer after layer of cosmic texture. No way to escape the trance. And mind blowing.


I know there is an interest recently piqued in psychedelia, shoegaze, stoner, space rock, krautrock and drone-rock in the latest decade. I know there are a lot of festivals, records, bands out there and to stand out in such prolific environment is already overrated. But this does not prevent The Cosmic Dead to be really incredibly awesome. They have a new album released in February this year – EasterFaust. Check them out, you will not regret it.





Youtube channel:

The Cosmic Dead ‘EasterFaust’ 12″ 2014


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