In Flames @Ancienne Belgique, Brussels Belgium – 15 October 2014

In Flames set Ancienne Belgique on fire again this Wednesday, 15 October. An extended setlist, incredible lights show and a lot of action on stage for the Swedish band. This year they headline a tour to promote their new album “Sirens Charm”. Opening acts, While She Sleeps and Wovenwar.

while she sleeps1

While She Sleeps formed in 2006 and come from England. Since then, they keep winning the title of new stars of the British metal scene. With their raw sound, melodic guitars and clear rhythmic section, they put together a list of intense songs with such energy and passion that inevitably led to audience enthusiasm and of course, circle pits.


Wovenwar is the band formed by former members of As I Lay Dying, after the imprisonment of Tim Lambesis arrested for paying a hitment to kill his wife. They made their debut in April 2014 and launched their first self-titled album already in August. Melodic hardcore with two vocals may not be the most original choice for bands nowadays, but with a charismatic frontman, a brilliant lead guitar and strong drumming, they can make a positive impression.

Although their latest albums were constantly criticized, In Flames remain an exceptional performance live. They opened the show with a couple of tracks from the new album, keeping the audience in stand by until they heard “Trigger”. From that moment on, the show was a continuous explosion, song after song until the end. The vocalist Anders Fridén has an awesome stage presence, talking and joking around between songs. “We’re gonna play some stuff from the new album, some stuff from the old albums, we have no idea what we are doing here …”.

in flames 4 in flames in flames 2 in flames 3

The song “Only for the Weak” became the very special moment of the evening when he brought from the audience a fellow on stage and engaged with him in game of taking photos, filming and sharing a (Belgian) beer for the stake of bonding with the public. Thanks to that, the performance of “Only for the Weak” can be watch on youtube filmed from the audience side and from on stage: In Flames – Only for the Weak, live at Ancienne Belgique ON STAGE and AUDIENCE VIDEO.

Even with the enclosure of (maybe too many) new songs, the force of the show stands absolutely still. As usual, the concert was backed up by an impressive lights show of pulsating synchronic lasers and blinking fire-ish shots. There was no encore the band went straight through for one hour and a half. Once more, In Flames gave their full best and made an end with “Take This Life”. No encore unfortunately, probably because the pre-defined setlist and the curfew left no time for a break between the songs and the curtain call.


In Plain View /// Everything’s Gone /// Fear Is the Weakness/// Trigger/// Resin/// Where the Dead Ships Dwell /// With Eyes Wide Open /// Paralyzed /// Through Oblivion /// Ropes /// Delight and Angers /// Cloud Connected /// Only for the Weak /// The Chosen Pessimist /// The Quiet Place /// Rusted Nail /// The Mirror’s Truth /// Deliver Us /// Take This Life


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