The Best of the Tiny Fonts in Coachella’s 2015 Lineup

Festivals are about big names but also new discoveries.

Consequence of Sound

With festival season on the horizon, the excitement of seeing some of your favorite artists share the stage (or, y’know, six stages) is setting in. This year’s Coachella has got some huge stars lined up, from Drake and Florence + the Machine to David Guetta and St. Vincent. Chances are you’ve already got your nights all planned out, having hashed out the details of whether to see Jack White, Tyler, the Creator, or FKA twigs.

coachella poster updated

But when you wake up with your Saturday afternoon hangover, who are you going to catch first thing? Which stage will you wander to with your (vegan) chili dog in hand? You might have bought your ticket to see Belle & Sebastian and the other big names emblazoned across the top of that flyer, but there are some pretty fantastic acts buried at the bottom in the Tiny Fonts as well.

The Ghost of a…

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