Album reviews

Album review: The breathtaking underground – 1947 by vert:x

vert:xThe first time I heard a vert:x track was on Dandelion Radio during its 2012 Festive Fifty. Festive Fifty was originally an annual list of best songs voted by John Peel’s listeners on BBC Radio 1. After Peel’s death, the BBC continued the tradition for a while and when they ended it the internet-based Dandelion Radio decided to carry it on. The 2012 edition included names like Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Savages, Pussy Riot, Public Image Ltd., Tame Impala and many others among which vert:x made it into the Top 10. (read more)


1932624_429231347234023_5070576364359466211_o C MICAmong the Belgian new releases so far, here’s the self-titled album from MASSIS. Produced by MASSIS and Patrick Delabie and recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio 195 Wernhout in Holland, the record is an impressive debut with 8 tracks that moisturize and nurture the passion for instrumental noise rock.MASSIS is an impressive release that won’t leave you indifferent. A product of talent amplified by music experience. It’s really impossible not to like it. (read more)

ALBUM REVIEW: Sarah McQuaid – Walking Into White

cover MIC‘Walking Into White’ is a deep, resonant record with many variations which somehow keep the same high level of intensity. An ambitious project which obviously couldn’t be done without a significant previous experience. Melting together contemporary, medieval and Spanish rhythms or vocal, guitar, cello, synthesizer and trumpets harmonies, and still keep this sense of a strange unity, which comes natural as if it was the most normal state of play… Such magnitude can only be found the frame of life itself. (read more)

20 Best Albums of 2014

bestalbums201420 albums which filled up concert venues, play lists and the music news. Or which deserve to. (read more)

 ALBUM REVIEW: Iordache – “Garden Beast”

garden beastThe saxophonist Mihai Iordache needs no introduction in Romania. His career as alto sax player is rooted in ‘80s and, since then, he has put his unique sound mark on many releases and live collaboration, either with alternative rock and jazz bands of the Romanian music scene (Timpuri Noi, Sarmalele Reci, Orient Express, Jazz Unit, Kumm) or in national and international festivals and appearances in Romania ( Stufstock, Jazz and More, Green Hours International Jazz Fest, Garana Jazz Fest), in Hungary (with guitarist Eichinger Tibor as a guest) or in Belgium (with Eugene Chadbourne). (read more)

ALBUM REVIEW: PIERRE K Band – “Troubles on my mind”

troubles on my mindWillie Dixon once said: “The Blues are the true facts of life expressed in song, inspiration, feeling and understanding.” Elements that shaped up a musical universe since the end of the 19th century. But no matter the styles or techniques, and maybe more than any other works, the blues will be always about authenticity. With their debut album – Troubles on my mind – PIERRE K Band put forward the beginning of a journey through some of these feelings and reveal their own genuineness. (read more)

ALBUM REVIEW: Georgio ‘the Dove’ Valentino – Mille Plateaux

milleplateauxcoverThere is probably at least one concept hidden beyond each song. Each new audition brings along new understandings, more nuances, richer, deeper and clearer than the previous. If you plan falling in love with a fine piece of art, here it’s your record. All you need to do is finding a Sunday afternoon. The rest has been exquisitely taken care of. (read more)


 20 Albums of 2013

20 albums 2013-Some of the best albums of year 2013. 20 albums which filled up concert venues, play lists and the music news. Or which deserve to. (read more)


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