Article: Second hand market for concert tickets – give it a second thought

DSC05518A concert is sold out until is sold out on the black market. The black market for tickets has many faces. The bigger the band or the venue, the higher the second hand price. (read more)

Article: Never mind the politics, here’s the Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät

10363238_729237783857886_8666829497275968872_nPertti Kurikan Nimipäivät (Pertti Kurikka’s Nameday) hasn’t just come out of nowhere to sign up for Eurovision 2015. A special mention in their biography should go to Lyhty ry, a Finnish non-profit association on intellectual disabilities founded in 1993, which provides housing and organizes workshops, educational services but also cultural events and leisure activities. One of their music workshops was frequented by Pertti Kurikka, the guitarist of the band, a huge fan of punk rock, who happens to have Down syndrome. In 2004, he meets Kalle Pajamaa, who noticed his potential and built a band around him. (read more)

Article: 20 years after – The true legacy of Kurt Cobain

kurt_cobain_by_kosybear-d3d80m5Despite the fantastic return, there will be always some unshakable shadows cast upon the grunge style that rose so quickly from a remote area to win the world in the 90s. I guess the media had a most difficult task: deliver a good exposure for a guy who actually killed himself. Loaded up a gun and blew his brains out. Combined with the use of drugs and the gloomy lyrics, anyone has big arguments to dismantle Nirvana’s fame. (read more)

17 Questions with Tomahawk

400px-Trevor_Dunn_05N9397Very good interview with Trevor Dunn –  Reblogged from Bearded Gentlemen Music

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